Colombia – Floods Affect 2,000 After Rivers Overflow in Urabá, Antioquia

Persistent heavy rain in the Urabá region of Antioquia has caused the Murindó River to overflow. Flooding has affected around 2,000 people in the municipality of Murindó. The smaller Chagerado river is also reported to have burst its banks.

Around 145 homes have been damaged and at least 14 totally destroyed. Four people have suffered injuries but there are no reports of fatalities. Roads and bridges in the area have also suffered damage, leaving some of the more remote villages completely cut off. Local media report that around 40 families were completely isolated in the village of Bachidubí.

Disaster emergency officials, along with UN and Red Cross teams, have been working in the area since Friday 10 March. Food and relief supplies have been distributed, including some by helicopter in areas inaccessible by road.

The municipality is expected to declare a public calamity due to the emergency.

Flood hit areas in Murindó, Colombia. Photo: ONIC
Red Cross distributing humanitarian aid in Murindo, Colombia. Photo: Red Cross
Army distributing humanitarian aid in Murindo, Colombia. Photo: Army of Colombia

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