Colombia – Flash Floods in Cesar Leave 1 Dead, 4,500 Families Affected

At least one person has died and 2 are missing after flash flooding in the department of Cesar, Colombia overnight 22 to 23 October 2022.

Flood damage in Bosconia, Cesar, Colombia, October 2022. Photo:
Government of Cesar

Flooding has affected around 4,500 households (around 15,000 to 20,000 people) in the municipality of Bosconia in the north west of the department. The departmental government reported severe damage in the  areas of San Martin, Nueva Esperanza, Cañahuate, El Instituto and El Paraíso. The government also confirmed the death of a young child in the floods. Local media added that at least 2 other people are feared missing.

“The volume of the flood was so strong that it swept away vehicles. This situation is strange and unprecedented, the Government of Cesar will advance an analysis of the causes of this problem,” the Cesar government siad.

Mayor of Bosconia, Edulfo Villar Estrada said flood water reached up to a 1.5 metres deep. He declared a state of emergency, explaining that “the emergency is widespread and the municipality’s response capacity is insufficient. We’ve declared a public disaster and the response team is on the field. I ask for unity and solidarity among the people to face this phenomenon of nature.”

Secretary of Cesar Government, Eduardo Esquivel, visited Bosconia on 23 October to assess the damage caused by the flooding.

Floods in Bosconia, Cesar, Colombia, October 2022. Photo: Government of Cesar

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