Colombia – 15,000 Affected After Rivers Overflow in Chocó Department

The United Nations reports that thousands of people have been affected by flooding in the Chocó Department of Colombia over the last few days.

In a report of 25 February, the UNOCHA said that heavy rains and flooding that began on 22 February, 2019, and have so far affected over 15,000 people.

As many as 7,200 of those affected are in Istmina municipality. Other affected municipalities include Condoto (4,250 affected), Tadó (1,850), Cértegui, Andagoya (2,150) and Río Iró.

The report also says that the San Juan, Iró, Condoto, Cértegui and Quito rivers have all overflowed.

The Colombia Red Cross are working in the areas supporting victims. They say that the floods have caused severe damage to residential and commercial areas. Further damage assessments are still to be carried out, particularly in rural areas of the department, and the numbers of people and areas affected are expected to rise.