Colombia – 1 Dead, Hundreds Affected by Floods and Landslides in Antioquia

Heavy rain in the department of Antioquia, Colombia, has triggered flooding and landslides over the last few days, affecting hundreds of people and causing 1 fatality.

Landslide in Antioquia, 02 June 2021. Photo: Dagran Antioquia

Antioquia’s Department of Risk Management, Dagran, reported flooding in the municipalities of Cisneros and Santo Domingo. As of 02 June, the homes of 180 families in Cisneros were flooded and at least 60 families have evacuated. Around 8 homes were flooded in Santo Domingo, where damage to roads and bridges has left communities isolated. A landslide in Campamento destroyed at least 2 homes, leaving 1 person dead and another injured. Dagran also reported flooding in the coastal municipality of Arboletes.

Colombia’s Civil Defence also reported 150 people affected and 30 homes damaged by floods San Diego in Liborina municipality. A landslide severely damaged a house in Cocorná.

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