Colombia – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Santander

Heavy rain that began late on 14 March caused flooding and landslides in areas near Bucaramanga in Santander Department, Colombia.

Floods in San Juan de Girón, Santander, Colombia, March 2020. Photo: DGRD Santander

According to department disaster authorities, heavy rain caused a small stream to overflow, triggering flash flooding and a mudslide in the Vijagual sector in the north of Bucaramanga city. One man died after he was swept away by the flood waters. Two other people were injured. Local media said that around 100 families were affected.

Disaster authorities also said that the heavy rain caused the Río de Oro river to overflow, flooding parts of San Juan de Girón municipality.

Media also reported that heavy rain had triggered several landslides in the area. One of the landslides blocked a road between Bucaramanga and Rionegro.

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