Colombia – at Least 12 Fatalities After Floods and Landslides in Antioquia

Heavy rain in northwest Colombia has taken its toll on the population of the department of Antioquia where at least 12 people have died in landslides and floods over the last few days.

Landslide in Abriaquí, Antioquia Colombia April 2022. Photo: Government of Antioquia

Heavy rainfall triggered floods and landslides in Abriaqui municipality on 07 April 2022, destroying part of the El Porvenir mine and a workers’ campsite, killing 11 people and injuring 10. More people are feared missing and the number of fatalities could rise. Around 20 families were evacuated from a nearby village. Roads in the area have been blocked by floods and landslide debris.

The previous day authorities reported that one person died in a landslide after heavy rain in Barbosa municipality.

Around the same time flooding was reported in Medellín and Bello municipalities, where homes were damaged and around 300 people affected in total. Also on 06 April flooding was reported in the municipality of La Pintada after the Cauca River broke its banks.

Earlier Civil Defence in Colombia reported a landslide in La Quiebra and another in Caldas, both in Caldas municipality in Antioquia on 30 to 31 March 2022. One house was destroyed in La Quiebra. Over 60 people were affected in total across both areas.

Further heavy rain is expected in the department and 37 municipalities are on red alert for landslides.

Heavy rain has also affected southern parts of the country in recent days. At least 3 people died after intense rainfall that began in the early hours of this 02 April 2022 caused a landslide in the village of Cocha Blanca, in the municipality of Ancuya in Nariño Department.

Landslide in Abriaquí, Antioquia Colombia April 2022. Photo: Government of Antioquia