Colombia – Landslide in Santander Prompts Evacuations

Heavy rain triggered a landslide in Floridablanca Municipality, Santander Department, Colombia, leaving dozens homeless.

landslide Floridablanca, Colombia, April 2020. Photo: Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres Santander

Authorities ordered the evacuation of 17 families after the landslide struck in the Asomiflor area of the municipality on 04 April, damaging or destroying several houses. No fatalities or serious injuries were reported. A total of 24 families were affected and roads in the area closed.

This is the second disaster triggered by heavy rain in the municipality in the last few months. Flash flooding caused severe damage in the municipality in January this year, forcing 130 families to evacuate their homes. Around 100 vehicles were damaged in the flooding, along with at least 30 houses.

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