Colombia – Rain Triggers Deadly Landslide in Nariño

Heavy rainfall in southern Colombia has caused fatalities and damage in Nariño Department.

Landslide in Ancuya, Nariño Department, Colombia, 02 April 2022 Photo: Gobernación de Nariño

After intense rainfall that began in the early hours of this 02 April 2022, a landslide occurred in the village of Cocha Blanca, in the municipality of Ancuya in western Nariño. Two houses in the village were completely destroyed, killing or injuring the residents inside. According to the preliminary report known by Nariño’s Administrative Directorate for Disaster Risk Management (DAGRD), the event left 3 people dead and 5 people injured. Landslides in the area also blocked important roads.

Jhon Rojas, the Governor of Nariño, along with a team from DAGRD Nariño visited the area to support the coordination of an emergency response. The governor said heavy rainfall had increased the risk of landslides in rural areas, putting families at risk. Some have evacuated their homes as a precaution. The governor added that assistance has been provided to affected communities and work on clearing or repairing roads has begun.

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