Ecuador: Flooding in 3 Provinces

Heavy rainfall since 18 February has brought flooding to three provinces in Ecuador. The northern province of Pichincha, which includes the capital Quito, the coastal province of Esmeraldas and the central province of Los RĂ­os have all seen flooding since the heavy rain first struck. Buildings, transport and drainage systems have all suffered damage. The province of Guayas could also be affected should rive levels rise further. Further heavy rainfall has been forecast for later today, indicating the flood situation cold worsen.

The province of Esmeraldas has seen 130mm of rain fall since Tuesday. Local media have described it as the largest amount of rain so far this season.

High river levels are of grave concern. There is currently an orange alert for rivers in the low-lying Los Rios province, where the rivers Vinces, Pula and Mastrantal are all close to breaking their banks.

Ecuador was struck by severe flooding in January this year, where three people died. The heavy rain continued, affecting the province of Los Rios particularly.

North and western areas of South America have suffered severe flooding since December 2013. Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador have all been badly affected.

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Sources: Hoy Ecuador; Red Hum