Ecuador – Thousands Affected After Floods in 4 Provinces

Authorities in Ecuador report severe flooding and landslides in the provinces of Guayas, Cotopáxi, El Oro and Los Ríos after heavy rainfall from 28 January 2022.

Floods in Balao, Guayas, Ecuador, January 2022 – SNGRE

According to the country’s National Risk and Emergency Management Service (SNGRE) rivers in Guayas province broke their early on 28 January 2022. Personnel from the military and SNGRE helped to evacuate several families from flood-damaged homes in the cantons of Balao and Tenguel. Authorities said 2,000 people were affected in the canton of Balao, which has declared a state of emergency.

Heavy rain, landslides and overflowing rivers affected several cantons of Cotopáxi Province from 30 January. The Pilaló and Quindigua rivers flooded areas of Pujilí and La Maná cantons, where military teams helped evacuate homes. Several roads were blocked by landslides in Pangua and Sigchos cantons.

In El Oro province, alerts were activated in the El Guabo canton where the overflow of the Chaguana River forced several families to leave their homes.

In the province of Los Ríos, flooding affected areas of Babahoyo and Montalvo cantons after rivers overflowed.

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