Ecuador – Homes Damaged, 3 Dead After Floods in Several Provinces

Disaster officials in Ecuador reported heavy rain caused the overflow of 10 rivers in various locations in the country from 03 to 05 July 2022. At least 3 people have died and dozens displaced.

Flood rescue in Ecuador July 2022. Photo: SNGRE

Heavy rain, floods and landslides have caused at least 3 fatalities according to disaster officials and local media reports. One person died after being swept away by floods in Azogues in the province of Cañar. Another person died when a house collapsed in Azuay. A third fatality was reported after floods in the canton of Guamote in the province of Chimborazo.

Meanwhile in the province of Pastaza, the overflow of the Pastaza River damaged homes in Mera, displacing 15 people. In Chamico Province, the overflowing Zamora River flooded around 30 homes in Zamora Chinchipe. Likewise in the province of Azuay, the overflow of the San Francisco River damaged around 17 homes along with public buildings in Gualaceo. Furthermore damage to water infrastructure left 20,000 people without drinking water supply.

Areas of Tungurahua Province recorded more than 200 mm in 24 hours to 04 July 2022. The rain caused problems on the roads and Ecuador’s Ministry of Transportation and Public Works announced the closure of traffic on the Baños-Puyo highway due to landslides and flood debris.