Brazil – Floods in Rio De Janeiro After 67mm of Rain in 1 Hour

Storms and flash flooding struck the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Region in Brazil on 08 February 2023. Two people died in the storm, while dozens were rescued from flood waters. Flooding has also occurred in the Greater São Paulo Region in recent days. Authorities report one fatality and one person missing.

Rio de Janeiro

The Operations Centre of Rio de Janeiro declared a red alert after heavy rainfall that began late on 07 February 2023. The centre reported 30.4 mm of rain in 15 minutes and 67.4 mm in 1 hour at the Jardim Botânico weather station.

By early 08 February, the Operations Centre reported around 150 incidents across the city, including 100 roads flooded, damaged buildings and downed trees. Over 30 landslides were also reported. Around 20 schools have been closed. Areas of the municipality of Niterói across Guanabara Bay were also badly affected.

The Military Fire Brigade of the State of Rio de Janeiro (CBMERJ) rescued around 70 people trapped or stranded. CBMERJ reported two fatalities. A young person died when a building collapsed in Chácara do Céu in the north of the city. Another person died after being struck by lightning in Saquarema.

Sao Paulo

Flooding has also affected the Greater São Paulo Region in recent days. State news agency Agência Brasil reported one person died in flood waters in Osasco on 07 February 2023. Another person was reported missing in floods in Parque São Lucas, in the east zone of São Paulo.
Firefighters said search operations were continuing.

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