Honduras – Evacuations After Flash Floods in Copán and Colón Departments

Sudden flash floods in western Honduras damaged around 50 homes in Copán Department earlier this week, forcing around 200 people to evacuate. Heavy rain in the north of the country over the last few days has caused flash flooding in Tocoa, Colón Department, where military personnel have evacuated residents in affected areas.

Flood damage in Copan Department, Honduras, October 2019. Photo: COPECO

Copán Department

According to the country’s disaster authority COPECO, the flash floods affected San Juan Planes in the municipality of Trinidad, Copán on 07 October, 2019.

COPECO reported that around 200 people were displaced. Flooding struck after heavy rain during the afternoon of 07 October caused levels of a local creek – the Agua Caliente – to rise rapidly. The creek broke its banks, causing flood water up to 1 metre deep, along with mud, trees and sediment, to sweep through areas of San Juan Planes, causing severe damage to homes and possessions.

Around 45 families had to be evacuated until the flooding had receded. Authorities said they are working on removing flood debris from affected areas.

COPECO have delivered necessary relief items to the affected families, including food and cooking utensils, items for cleaning homes and kits for personal hygiene.

Colón Department

Military personnel evacuated residents in Tocoa, Colón Department, after flooding on 09 October, 2019. Honduras military said that heavy rain had caused drainage channels to overflow.

Most of the evacuations were in the west of the city, in particular in Barrio Tamarindo, Barrio San Isidro and Barrio La Ceiba.

Floods in Tocoa, Colon Department, Honduras, 09 October 2019 Photo: Fuerzas Armadas de Honduras

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