Honduras – Floods Damage Homes and Schools After 7 Days of Rain

Heavy rain has caused flooding in several departments of Honduras over the last few days, according to the country’s civil defence agency, Copeco.  Heavy rain has also affected several other countries in Central America, including Panama and Guatemala.


Damage to homes, schools and roads has been reported around the capital, Tegucigalpa, and in the surrounding department of Francisco Morazán. The wall of a supermarket collapsed as result of the heavy rain. No injuries were reported. The heavy rain has also caused several landslides, and caused damage to the storm water drainage system in La Cabaña areas of Tegucigalpa.

River levels are also high, in particular the San José, Guacerique and Sabacuante, according to Copeco.

The authorities have issued three flood warnings over the last 7 days. Yesterday Copeco issued a green (low) level weather warning for the next 48 hours for the nine departments of Copan, Ocotepeque, Lempira, Santa Barbara, Comayagua, La Paz, Francisco Morazan, Valle and Choluteca.

landslide honduras
Landslide in Ciudad del Ángel, Honduras. Photo: Copeco Honduras
supermarket samage honduras
Heavy rain forces a wall to collapse near a supermarket in La Kennedy, Honduras. Photo: Copeco
flooded school honduras
Flooded school in Cedros, Francisco Morazán. Photo: Copeco Honduras



Copeco say that further heavy rain is expected due to the interaction between two low pressure systems, one in the Gulf of Fonseca and the other in the Gulf of Honduras..

Rainfall figures according to WMO for a 24 hour period between 27 and 28 September 2015:

Amapala – 53.6 mm
Santa Rosa De Copan – 64.4 mm
Nueva Ocotepeque – 51.7 mm

rain honduras
Rainfall in Honduras, 28 September 2015. Image: SMN Honduras


Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Panama and Cuba

Other countries in the region have also experienced heavy rainfall.

Flooding and torrential rain on 25 September caused major damage to road infrastructure in Guatemala.

Around 50 homes were damaged after floods in the town of Cibao in the Dominican Republic, according to local media. Some flooding has been reported in Santo Domingo.

Panama saw heavy rain and floods last week which left over 700 homes damaged in Panama city, and forced over 100 people to evacuate in Santiago city on 23 September 2015.

Heavy rainfall has also been reported in parts of Cuba over the last 24 hours, although there are as yet no reports of flooding or damage.