Flooding Hits La Plata in Argentina

La Plata floods
Flooding in the streets of La Plata, Argentina, April 2013
It seems that the torrential rain and storms that hit the Argentina capital, Buenos Aires, earlier this week, soon moved south to hit the area of La Plata, the administrative centre of the Buenos aires Province. La Plata itself has a significant population of just under 900,000 people.
Reports say that 33 have lost their lives in the flood and ensuing chaos. La Plata is about 50 miles south of the capital Buenos Aires, and was therefore hit by the storms after they had moved southwards from the bigger city.

The Governor of the region (Gobernador de la Provincia de Buenos Aires) Daniel Scioli spoke of residents seeing the bodies of the dead in the flooded streets once the water had begun to subside.

The floods in La Plata were as a result of the freakish amount of rainfall that had hit Buenos Aires. About 40cm of rain had fallen within 2 hours, flooding streets, transport systems, knocking out power and communication lines. It is rumoured that the water level in some streets was as high as 1.5 metres. The rescue operations have begun, with fire-fighters being joined by members of the military. However, at the time of making his statement, Mr Scioli believed there were still residents stranded on rooftops and even in trees, awaiting rescue.

Here is a video news report:

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