Mexico Floods Update

Update 25/09/13
Interior Secretary Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong said total fatalities as a result if the floods, storms and landslides is now 130.

8 bodies buried in a landslide were recovered in Acatepec, Guerrero

By far the worst landslide was in La Pintada, Guerrero. 68 people are thought to have died there. Only a few bodies have been recovered so far. Emergency services and military are continuing the search.


Original report from 23/09/13

Below is a summary of the flooding disaster that hit Mexico over the last week after Hurricanes Manuel and Ingrid struck last Sunday, 15th September.

Hurricanes and severe weather

  • This is the first time since 1958 that Mexico has been hit by simultaneous hurricanes.
  • Some heavy rainfall still being reported
  • Culiancan saw nearly 10 inches (25 cm) in 24 hours on Tuesday 19th September
  • Over 8 inches (20cm) in Mazatlan
  • Around 12 inches (30cm) in Acapulco

Numbers of Affected

  • More than 1 million people have been affected across the country
  • 200,000 people were left homeless and nearly 60,000 were evacuated (according to Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong)
  • Early official estimates are that nationwide the storms damaged 1.5 million homes in 22 of Mexico’s 32 states
  • Between 110 and 115 deaths (according to announcement on Sunday 22nd September by President Enrique Pena Nieto)
  • Mexican state of Guerrero was the hardest hit, with at least 65 deaths

Rescue, Damage and Clear Up

  • Emergency crews are continuing their search for victims
  • 5 people were killed after a Federal Police helicopter crashed on Thursday 19th September during rescue efforts in La Pintada, Guerrero state
  • 72 roads or highways have been severely damaged
  • Road repairs expected to cost $3 billion (according to the transport ministry)
  • President says there will be a need for congress to revise its budgets in order to help flood stricken areas


  • Acapulco was left isolated after the two major roads covered by landslides on 15th September
  • Acapulco city suffered severe flooding, with media reports if rising waters bringing out crocodiles, and looters ransacking stores
  • Acapulco international airport was flooded leaving tourists stranded
  • 62,000 tourists have now managed to leave the city (either by road or special airlift) , about half by road and half in special airlift planes