Mexico – 3 Injured in Floods and Landslides in Jalisco After Heavy Rain From Hurricane Nora

Update, 30 August 2021:

Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro said in an update 29 August that a young person died when a hotel in Puerto Vallarta partially collapsed due to flooding of the Cuale River. One person was also reported missing after a vehicle was swept away.

Original report, 29 August 2021:

Civil Protection in Jalisco State on the Pacific Ocean in western Mexico reported at least 3 people were injured in floods and landslides following heavy rain brought by Hurricane Nora.

Landslide in Jalisco Mexico after Hurricane Nora August 2021. Photo: Jalisco Civil Protection

Nora made a brief landfall in Jalisco on 28 August 2021, crossing the cape south of Puerto Vallarta. Strong winds downed trees and high waves, storm surge and heavy rain caused flooding in coastal areas. State Civil Protection urged residents along the coast to avoid beaches, rivers or streams.

Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, reported flooding in the coastal Cihuatlán municipality, where around 500 houses were damaged. Flooding was also reported in the resort town of Puerto Vallarta after the Cuale River broke its banks. There were unconfirmed reports that a hotel building collapsed in the floods causing injuries and leaving one person missing.

Civil Protection said 2 people were rescued from flood water in Melaque. A landslide on State Road 429 between El Grullo and Ciudad Guzmán caused injuries to three people including one who was dragged into a steep ravine below and was later rescued by teams from the military and Civil Protection. Military also helped rescue others caught in flood waters in the area.

Hurricane Nora will continue heading up the pacific Coast of Mexico over the next few days. Nora may make a second landfall next week in the state of Sonora as a Tropical Storm.

Track of Hurricane Nora, Mexico, August and September 2021. Image: CONAGUA

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