New Flood Warning System Planned for Salado River, Argentina

Argentina plans to introduce an automatic early warning system for floods and droughts in the southern basin of the Salado River area.

The southern basin of Salado river lies in the province of Buenos Aires and includes areas vital to the nation’s farming industry. According to Telam news agency, as much as 25% of the country’s agricultural production originates the area.

The new warning system will benefit eight districts of Buenos Aires province. The 3 year project will be a joint initiative between central government, the government of the province of Buenos Aires and the private sector.

Argentina Floods Hit Soybean Production

The announcement of the new flood warning system for Buenos Aires province comes days after many parts of Argentina have suffered from severe flooding.

As many as 12 people died in floods that hit the provinces of Tucumán, Cordoba, Santa Fe and Santiago del Estero during early March 2015.

The floods are expected to reduce the country’s 2014-15 soybean production by one million to 2.5 million tonnes, according to figures from Reuters.

 floods in Cordoba, Argentina
March 2015 – Rio Ctalamochita floods in Cordoba, Argentina. Photo: Fabian Natali/ Governo de Córdoba