Floods in Northern Mexico

Heavy rainfall resulted in flash floods in areas of north west Mexico over the last few days. One person has been reported killed by flood waters in a river on 21st July in the town of Fronteras, state of Sonora. Elsewhere, Chihuahua International Airport has been closed.

Heavy rains caused the 2 local rivers – Cacahuateles and Nogales – to overflow. Flood waters from the swollen rivers eventually reached the airport buildings on 20th July. Flights were cancelled as passengers waded through the water inside the terminal building.

Chihuahua airport flood

A BBC report claims that the heavy rainfall of the last few days is the equivalent of the normal amount of rainfall for an entire year. More rain is forecast for the next few days. The airport will remain closed until the flood waters recede and it is safe once more to allow passengers inside and flights to resume.

Video footage below shows the inside of the flooded Chihuahua International Airport:

The flash floods also hit the city of Chihuahua where 100s have been evacuated from their homes and several people had to be dramatically rescued by helicopter to escape the rising flood waters.

Mexico suffered from flooding in June this year as a result of storms near the border with USA. 40,000 people were evacuated.

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Sources: RT