Overflowing Rivers Displace 1,405 in Uruguay

Sistema Nacional de Emergencias (SINAE) in Uruguay are reporting flooding in the departments of Paysandú, Artigas, Salto, Durazno and Canelones. A total of 1450 people have been displaced by the floods, mostly in northern regions. Many of the displaced are being temporarily housed in local sports arenas or military barracks.

The flooding is a result of high river levels (Yí, Durazno and Uruguay). Levels of the Durazno are thought to have crested and should recede in the coming days. Uruguay River levels are the most cause for concern.

River levels at:

  • Puerto de Bella Unión – 9.07 metres (flood stage is 6.5 metres)
  • Paysandú – 7.45 metres (flood stage is 5.5 metres)
  • Salto – 14.20 metres (flood stage is 12 metres)

In Paysandú, the Uruguay River levels reached 9.07 metres in 2009 where 4,355 people had to be evacuated. Current levels are expected to rise over the next 24 hours at least.

Source: SINAE