Peru – Dozens of Homes Damaged by Floods and Mudslides in Arequipa

Days of heavy rain triggered flooding and mudslides in Arequipa department in southern Peru.

The heavy rain began around 13 March, 2020, causing rivers and streams to break their banks, triggering mudslides and flooding.

Among the worst hit are areas in the north of the city of Arequipa, where streets were swamped in water, mud and debris.

Media report that at least 100 homes have been damaged and a bridge in the north of the city is in danger of collapse. Residents in Sachaca district were asked to move away from a local stream that had broken its banks.

Heavy rain has also affected other departments in southern Peru over the last few days, causing rivers to rise.

In Tacna Department, a red alert has been issued for flooding of the Caplina River. Meanwhile in Moquegua Department, local disaster management authorities have warned that recent heavy rain could result in flooding in the Tambo river basin.

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