Peru – Deadly Flash Floods Sweep Through Jaén, Cajamarca

Flash flooding raged through streets of Jaén in Cajamarca Region of Peru after heavy rain from late 31 October 2021.

According to Peru’s National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI), one person died as a result of the flooding in the city. Furthermore 1 house was completely destroyed, 4 rendered uninhabitable and 15 others were damaged. At least 30 people have been displaced from their homes and, according to INDECI, were staying with relatives or neighbours. A further 90 people have been impacted by the flood damage.

As well as homes, 2 public buildings and the General de Jaén hospital were damaged, along with roads and water infrastructure. Drinking water supply has been partially suspended.

The local municipality, supported by military personnel, were carrying out clean-up operations as of 01 November 2021.

Peru’s meteorological agency Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú (SENAMHI) said Jaén saw 72 mm of rain in 24 hours to 01 November 2021.

Severe weather including heavy rainfall, hail and strong winds has affected other areas of the region since mid October. Cundinamarca governor, Nicolás García, declared a public calamity throughout the department on 31 October. He said 100 of the 116 municipalities of the region have been affected, with damage to homes, roads and crops reported. At least 2,982 families have been directly impacted, the governor said.

Floods in Jaen Cajamarca Peru November 2021. Photo: INDECI

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