Peru – Heavy Rain Causes Floods and Landslides in 5 Regions

The government in Peru reports that 51 people have died and 79 injured people since the rainy season began in September 2018. Furthermore, 228 houses have been destroyed, 26 bridges have been destroyed and several roads have been blocked by torrential rain and landslides.

Further heavy rain has affected several regions of Peru over the last few days, causing flooding and landslides in at least 5 regions.

Ancash Region

In Ancash Region, several villages in the province of Santa have been left isolated due to landslides triggered by the heavy rainfall. The Lampanín and Nepeña rivers have both reportedly broken their banks.

Lambayeque Region

Meanwhile in Lambayeque Region, both the La Leche river in Mórrope district and Zaña river in Oyotún have overflowed. As many as 6,000 people have been cut off by flooding over the last few days.

Amazonas Region

A bridge was destroyed by raging flood water of the San Juan Creek in the district of Cajaruro, province of Utcubamba in Amazonas Region.

Piura Region

Heavy rain over the last few days in Piura Region has also caused rivers to rise. The flow of the Piura River at Tambogrande rose to 1,700 m3/s on 25 February, well above Red Alert level of 1600 m3/s.

The National Institute of Civil Defence (INDECI) and the Navy have sent more than 723 tonnes of humanitarian aid, equipment and heavy machinery to the northwestern port of Paita. Emergency workers, police and military personnel are on high alert in the region to respond to the flood threat.

Apurímac Region

A landslide and flash flooding from the overflowing Chumbao river destroyed 1 house and severely damaged 30 others in the district of San Jerónimo on 26 February.

Rainfall Warnings

According to the National Weather Service (SENAMHI), heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and strong winds will continue to occur across most of the country until at least 01 March.

Rainfall warnings in Peru, late February 2019. Image: SENAMHI

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