Peru – Thousands of Homes Damaged by Floods in Northern Regions

Heavy rain has caused severe flooding in parts of northern Peru over the last few days.

News agency ANDINA reported as many as 3,000 homes were flooded after a short period of torrential rain caused flooding in the city of Yurimaguas, capital of Alto Amazonas Province in Loreto region. The city recorded around 160 mm of rain in 24 hours to 20 March. Much of that total fell in a 3 hour period, according to media reports. Some areas of the city were under 2 metres of water as a result of the floods which affected 7 districts of the city in particular around Yurimaguas Airport.

Heavy rain also caused flooding in parts of San Martín region in recent days. Disaster authorities in the country reported around 20 homes damaged or destroyed in Rioja province, prompting over 30 people to evacuate between 16 and 21 March 2021. Meanwhile around 400 people were affected by floods in Moyobamba Province from 21 March.

In Amazonas region, heavy rain triggered a landslide in Bagua Grande district, Utcubamba province on 17 March, damaging 7 homes and affecting 28 people. Meanwhile 10 homes were damaged after a landslide in the district of Corosha, Bongará province, displacing 6 people.

On 18 March, heavy rain caused a landslide in the district of Camporredondo, province of Luya. Five homes were left uninhabitable and 5 families displaced.

Update: Authorities reported that on 21 March, 5 people died and 5 houses were damaged or destroyed after rain caused a landslide in the town of Juan Velazco Alvarado, district of Santa María de Nieva, Condorcanqui province.

In Cajamarca region, heavy rain caused a landslide in the district of Chirinos, province of San Ignacio on 16 March 2021 where 20 homes were damaged. On the same day 5 homes, roads and infrastructure were damaged by a landslide in Jorge Chávez district, Celendín province.

On 21 March heavy rainfall caused the Chililique canal to overflow, flooding 15 homes in the district of Jaén, province of Jaén and affecting around 45 people.

Also on 21 March heavy rain caused the overflow of the Monzón River and a landslide in Monzón district, Huamalíes province, affecting around 10 people.

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