Peru – 8 Dead, 1 Missing After Floods in 7 Departments

At least 8 people have lost their lives and 1 is still missing after heavy rain and flooding in seven departments in Peru since 08 March 2023.

Floods in Lambayeque Department, Peru, 11 March 2023. Photo: Mindef Peru

Disaster authorities in Peru reported heavy rains and floods in northern Peru were caused by the presence of cyclone “Yaku” off the coast of the country.

Since the start of the rainy season in September 2022, at least 59 people have died and more than 12,000 people have been displaced Peru’s Civil Defense said on 12 March.

Piura Department

At least 6 fatalities were reported in the Department of Piura, including 2 in Sondorillo District, 2 in San Miguel de El Faique District, 1 in Tambogrande District and 1 in Lancones District. Flooding began on 09 March. By 10 March over 200 people were displaced from their homes and a total of 1,600 people were affected.

Lambayeque Department

As reported by FloodList on 10 March, flooding has affected wide areas of the Department of Lambayeque since early March.

As of 11 March, 5,600 people were affected and 1,961 people were displaced from their homes across the provinces of Chiclayo, Ferreñafe and Lambayeque. In total 1,317 homes have been damaged, with 127 destroyed and 203 severely damaged.

Disaster authorities recently reported two people were electrocuted and died after power lines came into contact with flood water in the district of Chiclayo.

Loreto Department

One person is still missing after the Marañón River broke its banks in the town of San Lorenzo, district of Barranca, province of Datem del Marañón in Loreto Department on 08 March.

On 10 March, flooding from the Shanusi River damaged 20 homes and affected around 50 residents of the town of Suniplaya in the district of Yurimaguas, Alto Amazonas province. Crops were also reported damaged in the area.

Ancash Department

The Sechín River broke its banks in several parts of Casma district in Casma province from 10 to 12 March. Disaster authorities report 600 people have been affected and 150 homes damaged.

Heavy rain was also reported in Raypa in Huanchay district, Huaraz province on 10 March, where 5 homes were damaged along with communication routes, irrigation canals and crops.

Heavy rain in the early hours of 12 March triggered flooding in the Huallanca district of Huaylas province in the Ancash Department. At least 20 homes were damaged affecting over 50 residents.

La Libertad Department

Intense rainfall during the afternoon of 09 March caused flooding in districts of the districts of Chepén and Pueblo Nuevo in the province of Chepén, La Libertad Region. A total of 143 people were affected and 34 homes were damaged, along with some urban roads.

Lima Department

Around 15 people have been displaced, 6 homes destroyed and 4 severely damaged after flooding in Huaura District in Huaura province, Lima Department on 11 March. Around 2.5 km of roads were destroyed and 27.5 km damaged, along with 6 hectares of crops. Areas of Sayán and Ámbar districts were also affected.

Ica Department

During the afternoon of 11 March, heavy rain caused damage and flooding in the district of Parcona in the province of Ica. Around 120 homes were damaged.

Floods in Lambayeque Department, Peru, 11 March 2023. Photo: Mindef Peru
Floods in Lambayeque Department, Peru, 11 March 2023. Photo: Mindef Peru