Peru – Hundreds of Families Affected by Floods in Moquegua

The National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) in Peru reported flooding in parts of Moquegua Department in the south of the country on 26 February, 2020.

Flooding damaged homes and public buildings. Moquegua Governor, Zenón Cuevas Pare, visited affected areas on 27 February 2020. Photo: Government of Moquegua

Around 500 families have been affected in Samegua district by flooding and mudslides (known locally as a huaico or huayco).

In the nearby city of Moquegua, floods from the overflowing Moquegua river displaced around 10 families and affected a further 105 families. A number of public offices and buildings have been damaged as well as homes.

The Regional Governor, Zenón Cuevas Pare, along with national government ministers, visited affected areas on 27 February, where they determined 33 critical areas impacted by the floods, mostly in the district of Samegua.

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