Peru – Dozens of Homes Destroyed After Floods in Junín Region

Emergency authorities in Peru report that flooding in Junín Region has destroyed as many as 30 homes.

The flooding occurred in the Pichanaqui district of Chanchamayo Province when the Nacientes Cuviriani and Aguas Blancas rivers overflowed on 11 January.

Peru National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) reports that over 100 people were injured and 30 homes destroyed. Flooding was also reported in Perené district of the region.

National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) said that some flooding has also affected parts of Ucayali region after increased flow of the Neshuya, Aguaytia and San Alejandro rivers, causing damage to housing and communication routes in Padre Abad Province.

Further flooding in the country could be expected. COEN warned that the Pachitea and Huallaga Rivers are close to critical level and could cause flood in Puerto Inca Province, Huánuco Region, and Alto Amazonas Province in Loreto region respectively.

Earlier this month COEN said that heavy rain during the afternoon of 07 January 2019 caused a severe landslide in Lalaquiz District, Huancabamba Province in Piura Region.

Pachitea river levels in Huanuco Region, Peru, January 2019. Image: SENHAMI, Peru
River Huallaga levels at Yurimaguas, Peru, January 2019. Image: SENHAMI, Peru
River levels in San Martin and Loreto regions, Peru, 18 January 2019. Image: SENHAMI, Peru