Peru – Deadly Landslide in Junín Region

At least 1 person died and 11 homes were destroyed after a landslide in the Junín Region of Peru.

After the landslide in Perené district, Chanchamayo province, Peru. Photo: Mindef Peru

The landslide occurred in the Perené district, Chanchamayo province, late on 25 October, 2019. A short burst of heavy rain caused the landslide, sending mud, fallen trees and debris from surrounding hillsides onto the houses below.

Peru’s National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) said a total of 5 people suffered injuries, 3 of which were serious. INDECI transferred the victims to nearby hospitals. Around 30 people were evacuated to safe areas.

Military personnel, including engineers, have been deployed to help with repairs and clean-up operations.

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