Peru – Flood Destroy Homes and Bridges in Ucayali Department

Bridges and homes were destroyed after severe floods struck in areas of Padre Abad Province, Ucayali Department, Peru, on 02 December 2022.

Navy helicopter teams carried out flood rescues in Padre Abad Province, Ucayali Department, Peru, 02 December 2022. Photo: COER Ucayali

Peru’s National Civil Defense Institute (INDECI) reported flooding in the districts of Neshuya, Alexander Von Humboldt and Curimaná. Ucayali’s emergency authority Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia Regional (COER Ucayali) said that at least 7 rivers or creeks broke their banks, including the Neshuya, Tahuayo and Uruya rivers. One bridge over the El Trigrillal creek was completely destroyed, while 2 other bridges – one over the Tahuayo and another over the Uruya river – were severely damaged.

Navy teams used helicopters to rescue residents trapped in flood waters. Teams from the Navy, Police, firefighters, regional government personnel and of the district municipality, helped evacuate affected areas and distribute relief supplies.

Initial damage assessments suggest 59 homes have been destroyed or severely damaged and left uninhabitable, while a further 102 homes have been damaged. Crops and roads in the area have also been damaged.

Floods damaged or destroyed at least 3 bridges in Padre Abad Province, Ucayali department, Peru, in December 2022. Photo: COER Ucayali