Brazil – Photos of Acre State and Rio Branco Floods March 2015

Floods affecting affected thousands of people in the state of Acre, northern Brazil, from 23 February 2015 onwards, when some of the state’s rivers, in particular the River Acre, overflowed.

Further heavy rainfall forced river levels higher still, and by 03 March 2015, Brazil’s federal government declared a state of emergency in Acre.

One of the worst affected areas was the state capital, Rio Branco, where levels of the River Acre reached a record high on 04 March 2015, standing at 18.40 metres.

At their peak, over 90,000 people were affected by the floods, and around 10,000 were staying in temporary camps set up for those forced from their homes. Around 2,000 volunteers served 30,000 meals in the displacement camps.

Below are some images of the floods in Acre state and in particular Rio Branco.