Brazil – Rio and NASA Team Up to Monitor Risk and Disaster Response

NASA has signed an agreement with the city of Rio de Janeiro to monitor disaster and risk responses in the area.

Various agencies within the city have partnered up with NASA, including the Rio Operations Center (COR), the GeoRio Foundation, and the Instituto Pereira Passos (IPP) to aid the efforts in anticipating natural disasters like flooding, droughts, and landslides in the city and its surrounding regions.

Using satellites, satellite systems and data, NASA will be able to provide Rio with valuable information in order to monitor and prevent future extreme weather events. This agreement coincides with the Olympics and Paralympics in 2016, as the city is planning large-scale changes in anticipation of the events.

Mayor of the City Eduardo Paes has said:

“This cooperation with NASA will be a milestone for Rio de Janeiro, as the city undergoes major changes for the Olympics and 2016 Paralympics and to become a smarter city, resilient and inclusive.”

However, the results of the collaboration will far exceed the Olympic and Paralympic games of 2016. Rio has suffered from torrential rains and flooding for many years, and it is now time to address these problems. The consequences have been high governmental costs and loss of lives.

Rio will be provided with real-time images and data from NASA’s network, which will also be publicly available. The information will be a huge help in locating areas at risk, and will provide data in situ to enhance existing systems in place for disaster control. Decision-making by local relief teams and governmental bodies will be easier and more accurate.

Furthermore, the data provided by NASA will be shared, and focused on cooperation with a number of teams. Other networks in the area will benefit from the extra information, such as the Global Precipitation Measurement, Terra and Aqua Satellites, and the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer.

The President of the IPP, Sergio Besserman, is thrilled with the collaboration.

“The twenty-first century is the era of knowledge. Being in partnership with NASA is a great source of pride for the IPP and for the city of Rio.”

The collaboration is taking place with the Earth Science Division of NASA, which aims to enhance our understanding of our Earth, aid in mankind’s response to natural events, and better predict weather and climate changes. The mission will include observations of certain areas, atmospheric changes, surface and oceanic changes, creating a more integrated system to learn from.