Toronto Floods, July 2013

On Monday 8th July a severe storm hit Toronto flooding parts of the city in dramatic fashion. Around 10cm of rain fell in just a few hours, starting at around 4pm local time, a busy time for Toronto’s transport network. The Don River flooded and burst its banks.

The flash flooding is all down to some severe storms hitting the region at the moment.

According to Environment Canada, there is a slow moving cluster of thunderstorms with “very heavy downpours capable of producing localized flash flooding” hitting the Greater Toronto area. The line of thunderstorms has already passed over the Mississauga and Brampton regions, and is slowly moving eastward.

Roads and subways were closed. Power was cut and at one point around 300,000 Toronto residents were without electricity. The situation was worse in Mississauga where it is claimed that 700,000 people were without power. Lack of power meant that some were trapped in subway trains. Other forms of transport also struggled as many roads in Toronto soon flooded. Overground trains also struggled and one stranded train, stuck in flood water, left almost 2,000 commuters needing help in evacuating. People had to be pulled from the windows of the train by police.

The recent floods in Toronto come after the horrific flooding in Alberta, Canada, last month. With memories of the Calgary and Alberta floods so fresh in the mind, Canadians must be wondering when the flooding is going to end.

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Sources: CTV