Trinidad and Tobago – Floods and Landslides After 120mm of Rain in 9 Hours

At least 2 homes were destroyed after heavy rainfall caused flash flooding and landslides in Trinidad on 08 August, 2020.

floods and landslides destroyed a house in Arima, Trinidad 08 August 2020. Photo: Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government

Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service said 120.6 mm of rain fell in Caura in 9 hours early on 08 August. North Oropouche recorded 93.2mm, La Reunion (Piarco) 81.1mm and Moka 68.4mm during the same period.

The Service also warned on 08 August that “River levels are currently near threshold values in some parts, especially along the Caroni River basin and flooding is ongoing in certain regions as well.”

Some flooding was reported in Caroni. Landslides and flooding blocked roads and Diego Martin Region. Trinidad’s Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government reported 1 house collapsed in Lower Santa Cruz and another in Calvary in Arima.

The heavy rainfall was accompanied by strong winds which also caused damage, in particular fallen trees.

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