Cost of the June 2014 Minnesota Floods

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With the levels of the Mississippi River falling, Governor Mark Dayton and a flood emergency team have been assessing the damage left by the recent floods across Minnesota.

So far the estimate has come in at at least $32 million and counting. That is for the cost of flood damage to public infrastructure alone, and does not include any private homes or business property damaged. The high figure makes it likely that Minnesota will qualify for federal assistance to help the affected areas recover from the flooding. A team from the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are currently surveying the damage across the state.

At its peak the flooding was so widespread 35 of the Minnesota’s 87 counties had declared a state of emergency. Some northern areas of the state are still fighting floods. For the rest, the flood water appears to be receding and river levels dropping. Now for the clean up, which could take months.

The worst affected county in terms of costs Carver County, where so many roads, as well as a water treatment works, were damaged initial estimates put the cost at over $9 million.

Sadly the floods in Minnesota also destroyed the historic Grey Cloud Lime Kiln in Cottage Grove, 5 miles south of Saint Paul in Washington County. The kiln was a popular landmark built before the civil war and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Agriculture – Corn and Soyabean Crops Damaged

U.S. Department of Agriculture’s weekly crop report, 53% of farmland in Minnesota has been flooded (has surplus topsoil moisture). The report also says that 35% of the corn and 41% of soybeans are in very poor, poor or fair condition