USA – Flash Floods in Southern California and Arizona

Heavy rain caused flash flooding in parts of southwest USA from 29 November, 2019.

In a tragic incident, 2 children died and one is still missing after raging waters of the flooded Tonto Creek swept up a vehicle in the Tonto National Forest, Arizona on 29 November. Gila County Sheriff’s Office said there were barricades across the road at the time and signs instructing drivers not to cross when flooded. Emergency personnel rescued 5 people who were also in the vehicle. The search continues for the missing child.

The heavy rain also caused flash flooding in Southern California. Flash flooding swamped roads in San Diego, where 6 people were rescued from minivan stuck in flood waters on 29 November. In Los Angeles, dozens of homeless people who live along Skid Row were flooded out of their tents on 28 November.

Meanwhile in the Midwest, 3 people died in southeast Missouri when their vehicles were swept off a flooded road in Bollinger County on 30 November.

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