Floods Trigger State of Emergency in St Paul, Minnesota

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Floods have prompted Chris Coleman, the Mayor of St Paul, Minnesota, to declare a state of emergency in the city after flooding over the last few days, with worse still to come. Temporary flood walls and barricades are being erected at considerable cost to the city. Declaring a state of emergency allows St Paul access to federal relief funds, should any be made available.

St Paul flooding. Photo Metropolitan Council
St Paul flooding. Photo Metropolitan Council

Rising Mississippi River Levels

The rising river levels of the Mississippi at St Paul means that more flooding is expected, with fears that the floods could be the worst to hit the city since 2001. Mississippi levels currently stand at 19.05 feet and are expected to crest on Thursday at around 20.5 feet, 6.5 feet over flood stage (14 feet) and 3.5 feet over major flood stage (17 feet) . The record high level for the Mississippi River at St Paul stands at 26 feet.

Image: NWS
Image: NWS

Landslides in Minneapolis-St. Paul

The Twin Cities area of Minneapolis-St. Paul has seen severeal landslides since last week’s flooding. The most notable landslide was along the west bank of the Mississippi River, near the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

Blakeley Township Evacuated

Blakeley Township in Scott County, Minnesota had to be completely evacuated after the Minnesota River broke its banks. With river levels still high it could be some time until Blakeley residents can return to their homes. Blakely is a town of just a few hundred people, around 50 miles south west of Minneapolis-St Paul.

35 Counties Under water

35 counties across Minnesota have declared a state of emergency after widespread flooding first struck parts of the Upper Midwest last week. Earlier storms and heavy rainfall have pushed river levels higher, including the St. Croix and Minnesota as well as the Mississippi. Currently rivers above major flood stage include the Crow River at Rockford and also Delano, Minnesota River at Henderson.