USA – Deadly Flash Floods in Wisconsin

Officials in St. Croix County in western Wisconsin declared a state of emergency on 29 June after major flash flooding.

floods in St. Croix County Wisconsin, USA, June 2020. Photo: St. Croix County Sheriffs Office

In a statement, county officials said: “On June 28 and 29, parts of St. Croix County received over seven inches of rain causing flooding and washed out roads across the county. The areas experiencing significant flooding are the Municipalities of Kinnickinnic, Pleasant Valley, Rush River, Eau Galle, Warren, Hammond, Baldwin, Springfield, Erin Prairie, Emerald, Glenwood, Cylon, and Forest.”

At one point over 50 roads were closed in the area due to flooding. St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office reported that a man died after after his vehicle entered a flooded area in the town of Baldwin. The vehicle entered a ditch and became submerged in water.

The Sheriff’s Office also said that at least eight families were evacuated from houses near an overflowing creek and taken to a nearby community centre.

According to NWS Twin Cities, in a 24 hour period to 29 June, Emerald recorded 9.13 inches (232 mm) of rain, Baldwin 8.22 inches (208.79 mm), Hammond 8.20 inches (208.28 mm) and River Falls 7.25 inches (184.15 mm).

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