Kentucky Floods and Storms Leave 2 Dead, Governor Calls State of Emergency

Gov. Steve Beshear declared a statewide emergency yesterday after torrential rain and flash floods caused widespread damage across several counties in Kentucky.

Declaring a statewide emergency will allow local officials immediate access to state resources to assist in public safety and recovery efforts.

Gov. Beshear said:

“We have reports of heavy damage in some areas of the state already, but the threat of thunderstorms and further flooding has not cleared Kentucky yet. By declaring a state of emergency for the entire state, we can deploy any needed state assistance, such as National Guard troops, without delay.”


National Weather Service say that 5.64 inches (143 mm) of rain fell in Louisville on 03 April 2015. Lexington saw 5.17 inches (131mm) of rain.

rainfall totals kentucy
2 day rainfall totals for Kentucky. Image: NWS

2 People Killed

Around 160 emergency rescues had to be carried out in Louisville alone. One woman died after she was swept away in her car by flood water in Lee County. Another woman died, it is believed, after she was hit by a falling tree blown down by the storm at the Natural Bridge State Resort Park.

The severe weather also affected other states on the south of west. Thousands have been left without power in Kansas, where the storms have left at least 6 people injured.

Adding to the sense of Armageddon in Louisville, Kentucky, a huge fire at General Electric’s Appliance Park broke out on 03 April 2015, billowing black smoke across the sky while people waded through flood water 3 feet deep in the city’s streets.

5 people were killed in floods and storms in Kentucky in late December 2013Louisville was hit by floods in October 2013 after nearly 6 inches of rain fell in 24 hours.

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