Louisville Floods

Heavy rainfall resulted in flash floods in the the Louisville area and parts of Jefferson County, Kentucky, on 5th and 6th October, 2013.

The record rainfall occurred on Saturday, 5th October. Around 5.91 inches of rain fell in just 24 hours. Further heavy rainfall was expected.

Kentucky flood map
Rainfall Map from NOAA

Louisville’s drainage and sewer system was unable to cope with the amount of rainfall in such a short space of time. Blockages in the drainage system also made the flooding worse, and crews from Louisville Metro Sewer District worked on Sunday 6th October to clear the obstructions. A spokesman said it would take as much as 24 hours for the drainage system to get back to normal.

Reports said that the flood waters in the streets were knee-high and mostly affected the low-lying areas of the region. There have been no reported deaths or injuries as a result of the flooding, although the Louisville-Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency reported that 12 people had to be rescued from the flood waters. A further 80 or more residents had to be evacuated from their homes, some by rescue and emergency teams using inflatable boats. 50 of those evacuated are believed to be from the same apartment complex. Rescue teams also helped around 250 peple to move to safer, higher ground.

Although Tropical Storm Karen moved close to the Louisiana coast over the weekend. Mandatory evacuations have been enforced in parts of New Orleans. However, it is not thought that the heavy rainfall in Kentucky is a result of the storm.

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Sources: UPI, CNN, Reuters