Record Rain and High Tides – Floods in Florida and Alabama

Flooding has been reported in two southern US states over the last 2 days after record rain in Mobile, Alabama, along with “supermoon” high tides in Southern Florida.

Mobile, Alabama

Some areas around Mobile, Alabama, saw as much as 9 inches of rain fall in a short period of time on Sunday 27 September, 2015.

The rain caused some flooding, blocking roads throughout the city, in particular the busy Airport Boulevard. Some vehicles were left stranded in the streets. At least three water rescues were performed according to Mobile Fire Rescue. The heavy rain was said to have caused a sinkhole at the University of South Alabama.

Record Rain

Mobile and Baldwin Counties were the worst hit by the heavy rain. Local National Weather Service office, NWS Mobile, said that the rainfall was the heaviest for over 100 years and was the 10th highest daily value on record. Via their Twitter feed, NWS Mobile said:

“Record rainfall of 7.5″ set at the Mobile Regional Airport yesterday (September 27) breaking old record of 5.69″ set in 1906”.

North West Florida

The heavy rain has continued in parts of Alabama and northern Florida since Sunday.

Flood advisories or warnings were issued yesterday for Conecuh and Escambia counties in Alabama, and Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties in Florida.

Flash flooding was reported in Okaloosa county by the afternoon of Monday 28 September 2015, where around 8 inches of rain had fallen in a few hours. The town of Destin was one of the worst affected.

South Florida High Tide

Meanwhile, parts of South Florida were under a coastal flood advisory because of “high astronomical tides due to the lunar cycle,” according to the National Weather Service.

The “supermoon” high tides led to some tidal flooding along South Florida’s coastline on Monday 28 September, including Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and other coastal areas of Broward County.