Satellite Images of Ohio River Floods

The rain and melting snow during March 2015 increased levels of the Ohio River to some of the highest seen since in almost  20 years. On Sunday 15 March, The Ohio River at Cincinnati reached 57.72 feet on Sunday 15 March 2015, the highest level since March 1997 when it stood at 64.7 feet.

Parts of Ohio and Kentucky experienced some flooding, although flood damage was kept to a minimum and was considered a success for recent flood mitigation projects around the affected areas.

Below are satellite images from NASA of the Ohio River during the March 2015 floods, and of the same location this time last year when the river was at normal levels.

ohio river floods march 2015
Ohio River floods, 17 March 2015. Image: NASA
Ohio River, 20 March 2014. Image: NASA
Ohio River, 20 March 2014. Image: NASA

Body of Missing Man Recovered

One man was reported as missing in northern Kentucky after he was swept away by flood waters near his home in Transylvania Beach, Louisville, on Saturday 14 March. A body fond near the river over on Friday 20 March 2015 was identified as the missing man.