Venezuela – Families Evacuated After Damaging Floods in Caracas

Flooding in Caracas, capital of Venezuela, and surrounding areas damaged homes and roads, prompting evacuations and leaving vehicles stranded.

Flood clean up in Macarao, Caracas, Venezuela, June 2021. Photo; Proteccion Civil Venezuela

Flooding came after heavy rainfall on 24 June, 2021. Streets in the capital were inundated and trafic disrupted.

The most severe damage occurred in the district of Macarao, which sites on the border between Caracas Capital District and Miranda State. Civil Protection said several small streams broke their banks, sending mud, flood water and debris racing through settlements. At least 800 families were affected. A bridge was damaged, leaving 50 families isolated. Damage to several homes was so severe Civil Protection officials evacuated the families to safer locations.

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