Venezuela – Hundreds Affected by Floods in Mérida

Flooding in western Venezuela has damaged homes and livelihoods of residents living close to the San Pedro River.

Floods in Palmarito, Tulio Febres Cordero municipality, Merida, Venezuela, April 2021. Photo: Government of Merida

Flooding struck in Tulio Febres Cordero municipality in the state of Mérida from late April 2021 after a period of heavy rain caused the San Pedro River to break its banks in the municipality. Local media reported that more than 100 buildings were damaged and around 400 families affected, mostly in the town of Palmarito.

A delegation of official including the deputy to the National Assembly, Jehyson Guzmán, visited affected communities on 30 April 2021. Relief supplies were distributed and work begun on dredging the San Pedro River.

Meanwhile a period of heavy rain from 27 April 2021 caused flooding in the nation’s capital Caracas, severely disrupting traffic and public transport.

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