Venezuela – Thousands Hit by Floods in Zulia State

Around 2,000 people have been affected by flooding in Zulia State in northwestern Venezuela.

Floods from around 05 October 2019 damaged homes in Zulia State in northwestern Venezuela. Photo: Civil Protection, Venezuela

Civil Protection in Venezuela reported heavy rain in the Sierra de Perijá triggered flooding of the Kunana river in the town of Toromo in Machiques de Perijá Municipality from around 05 October, 2019.

Around 400 homes, as well as livestock, schools and material possessions have all suffered damage. Civil Protection said they were searching for 6 people, believed to be from the same family, who went missing in the floods.

The government reported it has distributed relief supplies to the affected population, which includes indigenous Yukpa and Wayuu communities.

Neighbouring areas of Colombia have also seen flooding over the last few days, affecting around 5,000 people in the departments of Magdalena and Atlántico departments.

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