Villa Epecuén

Is this a modern day Atlantis?

A town in Argentina that spent years under water has finally “come back to life” as the flood waters have receded after 27 years. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come for other towns around the world affected by flooding. 27 years years is quite a long time to wait to get your home and community back from a watery grave.

The flood, in a town called Villa Epecuén, was initially caused by torrential rains, which in turn made the nearby lagoon burst its banks and flood the town. The whole village was under as much as 10 metres of water.

The Independent (UK) reports:

The village’s 1,500 residents scrambled to leave the area, leaving behind many treasured belongings, including dogs, cats and other pets that were never seen again.

But 27 years later the waters have almost entirely receded and, as always with buildings abandoned in a hurry and explored decades later, the first photographs of the so-called “town that drowned” capture an eerie ghostworld, a strange glimpse of a bygone era.

Villa Epecuen floods
Villa Epecuen – before and after the flood

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Amazingly, the town that drowned already has a returning inhabitant. There’s still a lot to be done before the town is fully habitable again. Let’s hope our own clean up operations won’t take quite as long.

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