2014 Flood Death Toll Continues to Rise in China

In China this year, it’s hard to know where one flood stops and another begins. Last week the Chinese government released a statement that 134 people had been killed in floods since the start of this year. Parts of the country, especially the south, have been battered by heavy rainfall, seemingly without end, since May this year.

Earlier today, Thursday 17 July 2014, Xinhua, the Chinese news agency, said that a further 18 people have been killed in floods after continuous rainstorms have battered several provinces in China this week. And things could get worse as Typhoon Rammasun heads away from the Philippines (where it killed at least 38) and heads towards southern China.

Seven of the recent flood deaths occurred in Guizhou province. Around 5,800 homes were destroyed and 16,300 damaged after torrential rain there which began on Sunday 13 July 2014. Five people died in a landslide in Anhua county, Hunan province. On Monday, the ancient town and popular tourist destination of Fenghuang in Hunan was inundated. Over 300,000 people have been displaced by floods across the country since the beginning of the week.