3 Killed in Flash Floods in Amman, Jordan

A short downpour of heavy rain caused flash flooding in the Jordan capital, Amman, earlier today, 05 November 2015.

PETRA, the Jordan News Agency, described the downpour as “a heavy cloudburst of no more than an hour”. The rain started at around 08:00 local time today. Streets and traffic tunnels were flooded and 100s of vehicles were washed away or left stranded.

Jordan’s Civil Defense Department said its crews rescued more than 698 people trapped in water in addition to 305 vehicles stuck in flooded roads.

Currently reports say that 3 people have died in floods. Unconfirmed reports suggest the number of fatalities is higher. Two children died in their basement apartment when it was inundated with flood water. A police source said a man was also killed by the flash floods in the Al-Hussein Refugee Camp.


Omar Dajani, a forecaster at Arabiaweather.com, told The Jordan Times that “the intensity of the rainfall was the main cause of the flash floods, as between 25 mm and 65 mm were registered in less than an hour in the capital”.

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