8 Dead After Floods in Tajikistan and Afghanistan

Heavy rainfall in southern Tajikistan and north eastern Afghanistan has caused landslides and floods that have killed at least 8 people in the last few days.


Heavy rainfall resulted in floods and landslides in the mountainous region of Khatlon Province, southern Tajikistan. The landslides occurred in the district of Shouroobod during the night of 12 to 13 April. At least 6 people were killed and a further 7 people are missing, presumed dead.

Shouroobod lies around 200km (125 miles) south of the capital, Dushanbe. Floods and landslides during the spring melt are fairly commonplace in this mountainous region. The recent floods struck after 2 days of heavy rainfall. Houses, bridges and local roads have been destroyed.

Later reports and assessments by the officials and the National Red Crescent Society revealed that as many as 3,000 people were affected by the floods in Kulob city and the districts of Vose, Shurobod and Hamadony in Khatlon Province, South Tajikistan.


The north eastern province of Badakhshan in Afghanistan has suffered from similar flooding after heavy rainfall. Around 50 houses are said to have been destroyed in the Kasham district of the province, as well as almost 1000 acres of farmland during flooding that struck on 13 April 2014.

Around 2 days earlier, heavy rainfall caused a landslide in Rastaq district of the north eastern Takhar province. Several homes were destroyed and 2 people were killed in the incident.