Afghanistan – Dozens Feared Dead After Floods in Nuristan Province

Dozens of people are feared dead after flash floods in Nuristan Province in eastern Afghanistan.

Flooding struck in Kamdesh district (also Kamdeish or Kamdish) in Nuristan Province late on 28 July 2021. As of 29 July, Ariana News television network in Afghanistan reported at least 60 fatalities.

Roads and telecommunications systems have been damaged. Afghanistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) said rescue and relief efforts have been hindered by the remote location of the affected area. The situation is further complicated by the fact the area is not under government control.

Journalist Bilal Sarwary shared a video and translated text of a plea from the Nuristan Provincial Council Chief Engineer, calling for “the government and humanitarian organizations to provide urgent help to the people.”

The official confirmed the widespread damage and high number of casualties. He said heavy rains caused the flash floods in the village of Miardish in Kamdish district, destroying 200 homes. Forty bodies have been recovered by villagers, but people are still missing and the death toll could exceed 200.

Parts of Nuristan Province were badly affected by the catastrophic flooding in Afghanistan in August 2020 when 145 people lost their lives.

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