China – Deadly Floods and Landslides in South and South West

Heavy rain triggered a massive landslide in Sichuan province, southwestern China in the early hours (local time) of Saturday 24 June, 2017.

Meanwhile authorities report that 28 people have died as a result of heavy rain and flooding in 10 provinces since 22 June.

Sichuan Landslide

The landslide buried at least 40 homes in Xinmo, a village in Maoxian county, with over 100 people feared buried.

According China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA), 10 bodies have been recovered. Ninety-three people are thought to be still missing and thousands of emergency workers and volunteers continue search operations.

Over 400 people have evacuated their homes in nearby areas according to MCA. The landslide has blocked roads and a two-kilometre stretch of a nearby river.

Chinese President Xi Jinping later urged the emergency services to “spare no effort”.

Rain and Floods Since 22 June, 2017 in Southern China

Heavy rain since 22 June has affected other parts of southern China, causing damage and flooding. According to MCA , up to 470 mm of rain fell from 22 June to 26 June in Changde, Yueyang, Yiyang, Loudi (Hunan province) and Shangrao and Jiujiang (Jiangxi Province).

As of 26 June, 28 people have died and 16 are missing. Heavy rain and flooding had been reported in the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangxi (8 deaths), Hubei, Hunan (6 deaths), Guangdong, Sichuan (1 death, 7 missing), Guizhou (9 deaths, 4 missing), Yunnan (2 deaths), Anhui (1 death) and Chongqing (1 death).

MCA says that around 6,500 houses have been completely destroyed leaving over 500,000 displaced. As many as 18,000 people needed emergency rescue.

Affected Areas

MCA listed the some of the affected areas as follows:

  • Zhejiang: Shaoxing, Quzhou City
  • Jiangxi: Pingxiang, Yingtan, Ji’an
  • Hubei: Shiyan, Xiangyang City
  • Hunan: Hengyang City Hengshan County, Chenzhou City, Guiyang County
  • Guangdong: Shaoguan, Jiangmen, Maoming
  • Sichuan: Luzhou, Leshan, Yibin
  • Guizhou: Guiyang, Zunyi, Bijie, Liupanshui, Zunyi
  • Yunnan: Zhaotong, Dali, Nujiang
  • Anhui: Huaibei, Anqing, Huangshan
  • Chongqing: Wanzhou, Qijiang, Fengdu


Figures for 24 hour period:

25 to 26 June

  • Guilin 184.1 mm

24 to 25 June

  • Changsha 137.0 mm
  • Nanchang 126.0 mm

23 to 24 June

  • Yueyang 115.3 mm
  • Xiushui 151.0 mm
  • Huang Shan 137.0 mm
  • Jingdezhen 164.0 mm

22 to 23 June

  • Longkou 103.0 mm
  • Yueyang 127.0 mm